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  • NTW260L-Fully Automatic Wafer Laminator
    4”-8”wafer applicationThinner wafer capabilityWafer cassette loading & unloadingTape pre-cutting before laminatingRoller laminating technologyHigh precision wafer laminatingWafer intel.....
  • NDW280R-Fully Automatic Wafer Delaminator
    4”-8”wafer applicationThinner wafer capabilityWafer cassette loading & unloadingRobot delaminating technologyWafer intelligent mapping in cassetteBuilt-in LED UV irradiating module (Op.....
  • NTW260V-Fully Automatic Wafer Laminator
    4”-8”wafer applicationThinner wafer capabilityWafer transfer robot handling waferWafer cassette loading & unloadingVacuum laminating technologyHigh temperature controlESD controlDouble.....
  • NTW360-Fully Automatic Wafer Taper
    8”-12”wafer applicationESD roller tapingWafer transfer robot handling waferLoadport loading & unloadingWafer intelligent mapping in cassetteNon-contact wafer aligningPC based control w.....
  • TDW268-Fully Auto Wafer Taper & Detaper
    4”-8”wafer applicationFully auto taping & detapingSolo taping or detaping capabilitySynchro taping & detaping capabilityConfigure with dual arm transfer robotBernoulli arm for wafe.....
  • DW38TR-Semi Auto Wafer Taper / Detaper
    4”-8”/8”-12”wafer applicationAdvanced ESD roller tapingAutomatic tape feeding & tapingAutomatic wafer edge profile cuttingRobot peeling tapeManual wafer loading & unloa.....
  • TW26/TW26T-Semi Automatic Wafer Taper
    4”-8”/8”-12”wafer applicationESD roller tapingAutomatic tape feeding & tapingManual wafer loading & unloadingPLC based controlNon-UV & UV tape compatibleWafer edge .....
  • XBW262-Fully Automatic Wafer Temporary Bonder
    4”-8”wafer bonding applicationThinner wafer capabilityVacuum thermal press tapeWafer cassette loading & unloadingAutomatic device wafer & support wafer aligningAutomatic bonding ta.....
  • XDW282-Fully Automatic Wafer Temporary Debonder
    4”-8”wafer applicationThinner wafer capabilityWafer cassette loading & unloadingAutomatic bonded wafer aligningThermal debonding device wafer & support waferUsed bonding tape robot.....
  • NMW200 / NMW300-Fully Automatic Wafer Mounter with Detaper
    4”-8” / 8”-12”Wafer ApplicationFully automatic roller mountingFully automatic robot detapingThinner wafer contact or non-contact mountingConfigure with flip arm wafer transfer .....